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Kaleidoscope's Program for Teachers

About *ENDOW*

Teachers are a school’s most precious asset. The more schools invest in teachers, the easier it gets for schools to achieve their vision, mission, and goals. The best school would be that which fosters in children a passion for continuous learning, a deep respect for Nature in all its forms, a desire to contribute to society, an ever-growing enthusiasm to live life and to love Life.

Artificial Intelligence could take over the whole area of teaching subjects, providing data, and making children think. Only human teachers can make children grow into respectful, nurturing, loving adults.

Children copy what teachers do. Children spend most of their waking hours with teachers. When a teacher lives mindfully, children become mindful. When teachers are happy, schools will be filled with happy children. For this we need to pay attention to our teachers first.

We need to endow our teachers with mechanisms that make them live and work with ease, success, and happiness. Ease here doesn’t mean to want an easy life. Ease means to face the small and big challenges of life with confidence and equanimity.

Endow is Kaleidoscope’s program to care for teachers. Through this program, schools would be able to nurture and support their teachers. Modules in this program provide teachers with specific concepts, exercises and tools that would help them become effective managers, enthusiastic and admirable leaders, sought-after teachers, irresistible role-models, and happy, healthy individuals.

Endow is composed of six independent modules. Each module is delivered in two to three hours.

  1.  AHA!

  2.  Intercept the Sabotage

  3.  Understanding Personalities easily to Communicate effectively

  4.  Managing and Leading with Heart and Mind

  5.  All About Habits

  6.  Everything for Goals


Note: All modules of Endow are for teachers only and do not train teachers to conduct these programs for their students or any others.

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