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Omana Hirantara

Facilitating Learning through Coaching, Teaching, Organizing

Certified and Licensed

  • Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, Coach and Teen Trainer

  • Managing with Heart and Mind Trainer (HYL for business)

  • Global Psycho-Geometrics Trainer

ICF approved Certified Success Coach and Certified Master Spirit Life Coach

ICF approved Certified Organization Development Coach

Positive Intelligence Coach

NLP-K Facilitator

The Full Story

Omana Hirantara is a Certified and Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, HYL Coach, HYL Teen Trainer and Managing with Heart and Mind Facilitator (HYL for Business). She is a Globally licensed Psycho-Geometrics Trainer. She is also an ICF approved Certified Success Coach and Certified Master Spirit Life Coach. She is an entrepreneur, a parent, teacher, manager, coach and leader. Her passion is to facilitate learning through coaching, teaching and organizing. Ever since 2003 when she was introduced to Louise’s philosophy and the power of a human mind,  she has been supporting many people learn, change and grow using the mind-body and mind-life connection. Omana teaches people how to experience freedom through acceptance as well as create happiness and success in daily life.

A small change in perspective can release tremendous stress as well as empower a human being. This is her guiding principle. Omana loves to support people create happiness and success. She designed a very comprehensive Success Potential Assessment to help individuals discover their current potential for success and how to increase it. Everyone desires success and everyone can achieve it. All it takes is to search for whatever is most appropriate for success, learn them and implement them. Omana takes people through key qualities, attitudes and habits that are most important for being successful in life; and helps them discover what they can do to make success a daily phenomenon for themselves. She has been teaching and coaching children, young adults and adults to use this principle and make helpful shifts in life.

Omana co-founded Kaleidoscope - a center for learning resources in 1999 and continues to be the prime force behind it.  She started her career working at NIIT as a faculty member and then group leader. All sessions and workshops led by Omana are magical as they are filled with her passion, her unique skills and her experience of more than two decades in teaching and supporting participants in self-development and mind-body-life connection.

Enable Living with Ease

Purpose of Life
Learn, Change, Contribute

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