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Learn it. Live it. Love it.

An online 30-minute workshop every Thursday 

Living happily with ease and having a healthy body and mind come with consistent and continuous learning and practice of helpful habits - thinking, feeling, doing habits.

As always, learning and practice are efficient, effective and easier when they are

  • built into a regular routine

  • absorbed little by little

  • supported by an experienced trainer

  • enjoyed with a group of fellow learners.


This program is our endeavor to make this happen for you in your journey of learning and living Louise's philosophy.

Every Thursday, we will complete

These sessions are free! As of now :)

Designed and Presented
by Omana Hirantara,
a Certified and Licensed Heal Your Life Teacher and Coach.

A small change in perspective can release tremendous stress as well as empower a human being. The power of our mind is phenomenal and present in all. Unfortunately, we are not taught how to tap it. Omana first experienced this in 2003. For the last two decades, she has been supporting people learn, change and grow using the mind-body and mind-life connections. Omana teaches people how to experience freedom through acceptance as well as create happiness and success in daily life.

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