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What Shape Are You?
2nd - 13th Oct 2023
9 PM - 10 PM

Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 2 weeks

6 sessions, Online over zoom

Take away: Relate to People with Ease


The fact is that more than 75% of the world is different from us! As people we differ from each other in so many ways - the way we speak, listen, learn, behave, act and react. We tend to like people who are similar to us, and have issues with people who are starkly different from us, isn't it?

Imagine what would become possible if you could easily understand and decode people!

The bestselling book - 'What Shape Are You?' introduces 5 personality types using geometric shapes! So are you an organized Square, an ambitious Triangle, a loving Circle, an adventurous Squiggle or an inquisitive Rectangle? 

To know more about personality shapes and how to deal with them, join this book reading program now. It will literally change your life. This program makes it enjoyable and easy for you to quickly apply everything you get to know about people & shapes. You get to share ideas, hear others, and learn from diverse perspectives.

Fee: INR 1800/-

Facilitated by Omana Hirantara

Licensed Global Psycho-Geometrics Trainer

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A Peek into Shapes and Personalities

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